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your mom's Journal
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Date:2008-10-25 19:33
Subject:Ars gratia artis or something

Your result for What Your Taste in Art Says About You Test...

Conscientious, Fulfilled, and Spiritual

The Renaissance was a cultural movement that profoundly affected European intellectual life.  Beginning in Italy, and spreading to the rest of Europe by the 16th century, its influence affected literature, philosopy, religion, art, politics, science, and all other aspects of intellectual enquiry. Renaissance artists looked at the human aspect of life in their art.  They did not reject religion but tended to look at it in it's purest form to create visions they thought depicted the ideals of religion.  Painters of this time had their own style and created works based on morality, religion, and human nature.  Many of the paintings depicted what they believed to be the corrupt nature of man.

People that like Renaissance paintings like things that are more challenging.  They tend to have a high emotional stability.  They also tend to be more concientious then average.  They have a basic understanding of human nature and therefore are not easily surprised by anything that people may do.  They enjoy life and enjoy living.  They are very aware of their own mortality but do not dwell on the end but what they are doing in the present.  They enjoy learning, but may tend to be a bit more closed minded to new ideas as they feel that the viewpoint they have has been well researched and considered.  These people are more old fashioned and not quite as progressive.  They enjoy the finer things in life like comfort, a good meal, and homelife.  They tend to be more spiritual or religious by nature.  They are open to new aesthetic experiences. 

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Date:2008-09-27 16:51
Subject:Why did I plant basil?

I never did anything with it but smell it occasionally. So I dug it up and gave it to various friends. They liked it. Maybe that's why I planted it -- so they could have it.

In other news, Thurber is immense. When Timmy stood next to Thurber the other day, it looked to me as if Timmy had shrunk. Thurber put his paws on our four-foot-tall chainlink fence to say hi to me today, and his eyes were above mine. I'm 5'4". Thurber still thinks he's a baby, though, so that's nice. He's very cuddly.

Gotta post this to get some points somewhere:

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Date:2008-08-23 09:46
Subject:Happy times

I love my job! I love my principal, I love my AP, I love the woman who will be teaching geometry with me during second block, I love having my own classroom! My mentor is pretty nice, too. Of course she doesn't quite understand how to make a newcomer feel welcome, but she's trying. Class starts in a week, and she's giving me whatever help I ask for and trying to think of everything possible to tell me. She's also very good at giving me some of the local skinny. Turns out that the teacher whom I'm replacing left under a cloud, so anything I do will probably be an improvement. Fortunately, the principal seems to have faith in me. That is really lovely!

Stupid Lawrence just escaped AGAIN. Ugh.
Garden notesCollapse )

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Date:2008-08-08 17:40
Subject:Gardening note

Note to self: Next year, weed under the pumpkins, cukes, and cantaloupes. All of a sudden, they get big, and it makes a difference.

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Date:2008-07-18 22:42
Subject:More garden news, because I *am* that boring

Yep, it's all about the garden.Collapse )

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Date:2008-07-05 09:54
Subject:News from White Trash Farm

Interesting only to gardenersCollapse )

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Date:2008-05-29 09:30
Subject:Patrick writes a story


He writes for Kos nearly every day, but this one is special to me.

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Date:2008-05-26 14:30

I stupidly took my riding mower too close to a tree with low branches, and I broke my lovely grass catcher. Tried to fix it with duct tape, but it fell apart again. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth ensued. Then Timmy fixed it with much more duct tape. Now it works just fine. I collected lots of grass clippings. Yay!

Timmy and I tried to start my brand-new tiller but couldn't. Jonathan wanted to see what he could do. He started it on the first try. I was then able to till a bunch of my garden. Yay again!

Mowing the lawn with a riding mower is easy and fun, though mine is a little cranky sometimes. It isn't easy for me to do it perfectly, but it's easy to do it well enough for me, so there are odd tufts of grass sticking up, especially around trees and big rocks that stick up out of the ground. ::shrug::

Tilling is tough for me, even with a lightweight tiller. I can do only about 20-30 square feet at one go, and then I feel I ought to stop. Still, I can do it! Which is a huge improvement over hand-spading or hand-troweling! I've been wanting a tiller for a looooong time, and it is grate like Rockit!

Now to put in my tomato, pepper, and dill seedlings. Eventually I will sow the other stuff -- cucumbers, sunflowers, marigolds, and I forget what all else. :-D

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Date:2008-05-10 11:13
Subject:My son, the author

Diary rescue


Can you imagine how proud I am of him? No, you can't. :-D

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Date:2008-05-01 15:52
Subject:My cats

Yes. Mine. They're arriving on Saturday.

I don't actually hate cats. I just pretend not to like them to keep peace in the house, because everybody else in the house either hates cats or also pretends to hate them. It's kind of the way I pretend to be a Braves fan, except that I actually don't care about sports at all and I do kind of like the occasional cat.

Anyway, these cats will be working cats. They are intended to hunt the mice and voles who think they own my property. The cats are feral, and they've been trapped by a cat-lover in Alexandria who is a friend of my SIL Miriam. The idea is to spay/neuter them and then return them to their colony. If you remove them from the colony or kill them, that doesn't really solve anything, because other cats will move in to fill the vacuum. If you spay/neuter and return them, the colony's population will stabilize and eventually decline. No more kittens -- and about half of all feral kittens die within a year of their birth, which is bery sad, so this is a really good thing. See www.alleycat.org for details.

The colony that these feral cats inhabit is about to be bulldozed. So they need a new home. They will never be cuddly pets; they have learned to be skittish of people. Because I don't want a cuddly cat, that's fine.

I am allergic to cats and besides live with four large dogs, so I can't have an inside cat. Miriam told her friend about me, and the friend fell on me with glad cries. See, these cats can have the barn -- well, it's really more like a large shed -- to themselves. I'll feed them, because that's how you get cats to hunt; they aren't hungry, so they hunt for sport. The barn is near the garden, and the garden is what I really care about them policing, because the voles have been eating the grassroots there. They are NOT allowed to eat the roots of my incipient garden.

The cats will be confined to a cage in my barn for a few weeks while I feed them and clean their litterbox. I'll talk to them and get them used to me. Then one day I will leave the cage door open, and we'll see if they stay.

They're being altered tomorrow. On Saturday, Miriam's friend is bringing them out here.

One is gold and the other is black. I'm thinking maybe Mungo and Dymphna for names. We'll see. Can't really name them without seeing them, can I?

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Date:2008-05-01 14:42
Subject:Thurber is funny

Thurber, who weighs about 50 pounds now, is napping in his crate. He is lying on his back with his fat little puppy belly up in the air. Occasionally a paw twitches. His head is extended so that his chin and throat are facing the ceiling, and his muzzle is resting on a rubber chew toy. He just barked in his sleep -- well, he sort of barked. It'd be a bark if he weren't asleep.

Such a funny pup!

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Date:2008-04-26 19:23

I saw my first butterfly of the summer the other day and it was yellow!

We all know what that means, don't we?

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Date:2008-04-13 22:40
Subject:What's your song?

Find out!


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Date:2008-04-08 09:19
Subject:Job interview at 11

Wish me luck!

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Date:2008-04-01 10:28
Subject:More fun with gardening

So after planting all those millions of forsythia switches and bushlets -- I find that we have a forsythia next to the driveway. It was bare all winter, of course, and I forgot that it was a forsythia. Anyway, we seem to be in a colder zone north of town, because other people's forsythias (forsythiae?) and daffodills are blooming madly and ours are just kind of putzing along. That's okay. I'm still glad I put in all those little bushlets.

At the farmer's market on Saturday, I bought six little strawberry plants and a spearmint plant -- total was less than $10. (Imagine what it'd be in Vienna!) Today I put the strawberries in next to the garden fence and then I mulched them with cardboard followed by shredded paper followed by old grass clippings. That'll be enough straw for them. Then I put the spearmint in the front yard right next to the dogs' fence. I'm going to start lemon balm if I ever get my rear in gear, and I'm hoping that the combination of "vigorous" (read "invasive") plants next to that fence will keep Lawrence inside it. I also bought a small rosemary plant at the market. The seller swears it's hardy for zone 6 but needs to be in very well drained soil. We'll see.

And my blueberry bushes arrived from my mother and Burpee, did I mention? I have set them carefully out.

Yay for gardening!

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Date:2008-03-15 20:00
Subject:A practically perfect day

Fun with gardeningCollapse )

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Date:2008-02-11 11:10
Subject:The interview went well!
Mood: excited

Really well, in fact! I'll have more to say after March 14, when the principal makes his decision.

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Date:2008-02-07 13:37
Subject:job interview!

I have an interview on Monday morning! It's at the local middle school, about five miles from our house, and it would be doing pretty much what I did last year in Manassas -- teaching reading and math to ESL stuents. I'm so excited!!! Please pray for me!

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Date:2007-11-24 19:23
Subject:Only nine pies

And really more like seven. But I digress.

I generally make pies for Thanksgiving. We have T'giving at my house with just the immediate family, so I make a few other fixings, too, but pies are what I really make. This T'giving, I made one blueberry, one peach, and four pumpkin pies -- but the pumpkin pie shells were ridiculously small, so really it was more like two.

We'd eaten them all by noon today, which is Saturday. We obviously needed more pies. I mean, really! How can there be no pie but lots of turkey left? So I made one pecan and two real-size pumpkin pies just now. (Everybody here really likes pumpkin pie. We even started dinner with it this year. Why wait? Turkey is boring, anyway.)

And I even used an actual pie dish for one of the pumpkin pies, not a pie pan with a prepared crust. I still used a prepared crust -- I'm not completely changed -- but it was a lot of fun using an actual pyrex pie pan.

Ah, pie. :-D

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Date:2007-11-12 16:41
Subject:Shoo fly shoo

Cows in the gardenCollapse )

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